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Effectively maintaining and servicing business critical equipment is critical for all stakeholders.

Companies conduct Preventive Maintenance in efforts to increase productivity, reliability and the overall life cycle of the machine or equipment.

At AREPA, we perform preventive maintenance on all technical equipment. We’re the experts you need when vital equipment and systems are damaged, and based on our long experience with repairing and restoring technical equipment after damages, we also have a depth of experience advising company personnel on best practices for maintaining equipment and preventing premature equipment failures or obsolescence. Our services in this area are broad, but can be customized to any businesses’ needs. At a minimum, all AREPA Preventive Maintenance services include an overall assessment and evaluation of the equipment’s current condition, as well as suggestions for improvements to equipment operations and performance.

AREPA equipment experts are experienced providing Preventive Reconditioning and Maintenance evaluations and recommendations for equipment such as:

  • Business Critical equipment
  • Electrical cabinets and controls
  • Equipment/systems prone to environmental/manufacturing byproducts (i.e. dust, humidity)
  • Process equipment
  • Server rooms

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