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Technical Risk and Recovery Engineers

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...Leader in technical restoration

AREPA is an international company and through our centres in Europe we have, for more than 25 years, restored technical equipment exposed to damages caused by fire, flooding, extreme weather, chemicals and the like.

AREPA carry out restoration of industrial equipment in the industry, onboard ships and off-shore installations and in wind turbines all over the world.

Within the area of damage assessment and restoration the AREPA group has undertaken projects in more than 60 countries worldwide. Arepa representatives are always on 24 hour standby to immediately respond to reduce losses and ensure business continuity.



After a fire 2 of 10 production lines were irreparably damaged at the bakery PréPain in Holland.
AREPA were asked to take care of the damage and a complete reconditioning project was initiated.

Arepa and DSB Vedligehold – a unique co-operation
Once in a while something happens that should not happen. This happened a late night in February 2011 at Fredericia Station, where two IR4 trains from DSB (Danish State Railroad) burned...