AREPA professionals are industry-leading experts in the reconditioning of highly specialized, technical equipment. Our specialists possess the experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive recovery solutions, from beginning to end, following challenging property losses to some of the most complex industries and equipment. At AREPA, we restore certainty in our client’s equipment, no matter the type or location of the incident.


We assist insurers and adjusters on small or large cases to restore equipment back to pre-loss condition, ultimately, saving clients time and money.


Industrial & Manufacturing

We offer reconditioning and decontamination of specialized equipment. We understand industrial machinery and the costs and learning curves associated with new equipment.


Data Centers

We restore data centers based on the most cost effective measures, including an analysis of restore vs. replace.


Wind Turbines & Renewable Energy

Our team has successfully managed hundreds of projects on a wide range of makes and models, in over 60 countries around the globe, for more than 40 years.


Marine & Offshore maintenance

Our experts have been called in to assist with marine cases of all sizes, from small ships to some of the largest in the world.



Our engineers and technicians, many from the biomedical field, have provided guidance on recertification and reconditioning of medical equipment losses across the globe.



We work with all involved parties to mitigate loss after an incident as quickly as possible and get school back in session.


Food and Beverage


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