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AREPA’s projects span the globe. Our experts have been called in to assist with marine cases of all sizes, from small ships to some of the largest in the world.

Working on projects within the Marine and Offshore industry requires special knowledge, skills and expertise. Reconditioning of fire and water damage onboard ships, vessels and platforms can require professional consultancy and solutions to properly clean and recondition damaged materials. Our marine experts have conducted numerous recovery efforts following disasters, flooding, fire, salvage, preservation, technical reconditioning and condition-based maintenance incidents or new-builds.

AREPA has 24-hour emergency teams in Denmark, Sweden, North America, and the Netherlands, and many other locations. Our teams are ready and waiting on standby, to establish the extent, level and effects of contamination. Within a few hours, the team will provide an outline of the consequences of the contamination, and create a plan of action to restore the ship to its pre-loss condition.

Onboard fire reconditioning

Onboard fires are usually extinguished very quickly, thanks to the high classification of the many ships’ fire alarms and extinguishing systems. This means that primary damage is often relatively limited, whereas secondary damage, resulting from soot, salt or chlorides, is often much more extensive, including an increased risk of corrosion, short circuits, and arc flashes.

Onshore and Offshore reconditioning services

AREPA has the capacity and expertise to provide total solutions and project management following any size fire and water damage incident.

We offer a number of services including:

  • Thermographic Inspection
  • Contamination Level Assessment
  • HCL Testing, Conductivity Measurements or Corrosion Analyses by Chromatography
  • Corrosion, Water or Chemical Damage Control and Assessment
  • Machinery and Electronics Technical Reconditioning
  • Generator Cleaning and Recertification

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