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Preventief onderhoud
There is no business today that does not rely on technical equipment to some extent.

For companies relying on business-critical equipment, when disaster strikes, it can result in substantial lost revenue, devastating employee turnover and a decreased customer base. During these challenging times, AREPA helps businesses fully understand the next steps in terms of repair, replacement, warranty options, liability and more. We provide all the information necessary to help you and your organization make complex decisions surrounding loss control and loss management, and work collaboratively to find the most beneficial solutions to minimize business downtime and interruption. 

AREPA’s Priority Response

In an effort to help companies better prepare before disaster strikes, AREPA launched its Priority Response Program designed to support risk managers and business operations before a disaster occurs by assessing technical equipment beforehand. With documentation of equipment, locations and inventory already on file, we are better prepared to move quickly following an incident. This saves time, which in turn could save warranties, business interruption, equipment from needing full replacement, and much more. The longer it takes for experts to get on-site, organize teams and conduct inspections, the higher the likelihood of increased exposure, corrosion or damage, equipment replacement and added expense.

Commercials Services We Offer:

AREPA’s Priority Response Program offers a number of options from pre-loss assessment and awareness campaigns, to additional fee-for-service options, to post-loss inspections and project management. Learn more about AREPA’s Priority Response Program and take the first step in mitigating your equipment damage in the event of a loss. For more information, explore AREPA’s Priority Response Program Brochure or email priority@arepa.com.

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