Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration
Water damages to equipment are extremely common, but also can be extremely complicated to mitigate if proper restoration steps are not taken.

Rapid response to properly stabilize electrical equipment after it has been exposed to water should be the top priority for all stakeholders. Of course it is important to note that water is conductive, and initial assessments should aim to measure the level of conductivity present. This is done to determine potential levels of corrosion or contamination.

Water’s ability to conduct electricity indicates the presence of concentrated dissolved salts, often referred to as Galvanic Corrosion. When water dries, the salts will crystallize and advance the process of corrosion as it attracts moisture to the surface. Following the introduction of moisture at the junction of two different metals, voltage may exist.

The conductivity of water can also contribute to the risk of Electrolytic Corrosion. As an example, electrolytic corrosion occurs around the backup-batteries on printed circuit boards if water is capable of carrying an electrical current between the poles of the batteries. Conductivity also indicates the risk of short circuit on printed circuit boards and in electrical systems.

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