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Don't Get Blown Away: Wind Energy Equipment Failures

Wind turbines are highly expensive and rely on complex electrical and mechanical systems to operate. They operate in harsh environments and withstand constant impacts to extreme heat, extreme cold, dust, sea mist, lightning, humidity and other contaminants. With the amount of risks these pieces of equipment face in their location alone, serious incidents involving fires, arc flashes and lightning may occur causing either direct loss or secondary damage – otherwise known as contamination. In this seminar, we will provide an overview of the common incidents that impact WTG and provide strategies and best practices for maximizing productivity.

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IT/Telecommunications Equipment Incidents

Computers, servers and vital telecommunications systems are vital to everything we do. Businesses and individuals who experience loss or incident to business critical IT or telecommunications equipment can face catastrophic business interruption, lost revenues or worse. In this course, we will cover some common scenarios that impact IT/telecommunications equipment, such as fire or flood, and provide attendees with best practices for evaluating and mitigating losses through the implementation of equipment restoration techniques.

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Medical Equipment Damage Claims

Medical equipment is highly specialized and extremely critical to the operations of healthcare industry stakeholders. When medical equipment is out of service, business interruption increases quickly. In this course, our equipment experts will discuss best practices for mitigating incidents involving business critical equipment.

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Restoration and Reinstatement of Commercial Equipment

This course covers the fundamentals of equipment restoration and reinstatement, from common types of incidents that present good opportunities for equipment restoration, to strategies and techniques for preserving, stabilizing and decontaminating equipment.

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