White Paper: Insurable Considerations for Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Need clarity surrounding underwriting and post-loss considerations for bitcoin or other cryptocurrency equipment?

Learn from one of our experts in our latest white paper in which we discuss the difficulties of understanding this type of equipment inventory and value, as much of it is imported.

The cryptocurrency industry has grown widely over the last 10 years, yet there is no widespread coverage for this specialized type of equipment, even though some of it may fall under various policy language for computer hardware or datacenter server equipment. Because of this, and the rapid need for understanding, especially post loss, we've put together information to help insurers recognize the overall impact.

In this white paper, Is Bitcoin Mining Insurable? Examples and Loss Characteristics, you'll learn more about: 

  • The definition of cryptocurrency and the mining process.
  • What equipment is used and the life expectancy of that equipment. 
  • The potential impacts of cryptomining on existing electrical infrastructure.
  • The contributors to hardware failures and other post-loss considerations.
  • The anticipated applications for the future of cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin Mining Equipment

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