Fire Onboard Transporter of Liquid Propane


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A global transporter of liquid propane experienced a setback after a fire occurred on one of the three main onboard electric generators in the engine room, resulting in a loss.  The high-pressure fuel line leak produced flames that caused heavy heat and fire damage to the immediate overhead power distribution and mechanical systems. The flames also affected the surrounding area, and smoke and soot spread across seven decks above and below the deck where the fire originated.


The fire occurred while the vessel was at sea, which caused it to travel back to a temporary port for repairs that took several days. Fortunately, the transporting company had prior connections with one of AREPA's Senior Directors, making finding a restoration firm easier. AREPA was contacted the day after the fire and arrived onsite the following day after the ship was docked on the Delaware River.

The generator and its surrounding electrical and mechanical systems suffered irreparable damage and had to be replaced by a different contractor. Despite this setback, the ship is expected to remain in service for another decade, making restoration and replacement a feasible solution.


The contamination caused by the incident had a significant reach, and roughly half of the electrical control panels were effectively decontaminated by AREPA, with the exception of the main control room. However, through restoration and replacement efforts, the liquid propane transporter was able to continue its operations at a much lower cost than replacing the entire vessel. This successful solution ensures the transporter's continued viability for many years to come.

The project was a collaborative effort involving AREPA technical specialists from the United States, Denmark, and Sweden.

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