Catastrophe Response

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Catastrophic Event Response 

When natural disasters occur, they can cause extensive damage to specialized technical equipment. This can have devastating consequences for companies that depend on such equipment, including significant financial losses, high employee turnover, and a decline in customer base. 

That's where AREPA professionals come in.  

AREPA can help determine which equipment can be restored versus replaced, offering valuable insights to save money, get back in business faster, and mitigate the impact of the disaster.  

With years of experience and knowledge, AREPA’s industry-leading experts can help recondition equipment after catastrophic events like hurricanes. From start to finish, AREPA specialists provide comprehensive recovery solutions to some of the most complex industries and equipment.  

Global Disaster Response Team 

Our global team of experts can assist you with: 

  • Initial Site Inspections 
  • Equipment Stabilization & Preservation 
  • Project Management 
  • Ion Chromatography Testing 
  • Damage Reporting 
  • Conductivity Measurements 
  • Technical Equipment Restoration 

AREPA's Catastrophe Response Team 

During large natural disasters or severe weather events, AREPA utilizes global technical experts who are specially trained and equipped to respond to equipment restoration following CAT disasters, such as: 

  • Earthquakes 
  • Floods 
  • Hurricanes 
  • Wildfires 
  • Explosions 
  • Storms 
  • Tornado 
  • Windstorms 

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