University Server Room Contamination

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Server Room Cable Wiring

A university server room experienced extreme contamination when the kitchen, which was located directly above the server room, experienced a leak and a form of sticky syrup dripped along the pipes onto the server room equipment. When a service crew arrived to repair the leak, they broke the garbage disposal drain line, breaking loose lots of particles into the air. Because the server room had turbulent air movers near the leak, all of the particles were blown all throughout contaminating the entire server room including the walls, piping, wiring, duct work, lighting, and HVAC units.

Challenges & Logistics

Replacing all of the contaminated equipment would have been not only costly for the university, it would also have taken a long time before the new equipment would be available and the installation complete. AREPA was brought on to restore the equipment back to its pre-loss condition. Because the incident occurred near the end of the school semester, AREPA was required to wait until the end of the semester to perform the equipment decontamination, which was approximately a three-week waiting period.

The server room housed 14 server racks with various audio and visual technology equipment requiring decontamination. Additionally, the entire wire-way above the racks with CAT6 cable and fiber optic cabling was contaminated and required AREPA’s services.


AREPA successfully restored the racks and racked equipment, cable wire-way and the cabling. This week-long project was a perfect solution for the university saving them time and money.


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