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Fires result in the creative of thousands of corrosive gases, with each unique gas leading to unique types of chemical byproducts. Sufuric, nitric, acetic and formic acids could be created when any combination of rubbers, oils, chemicals or natural substances like wood are burned.

When evaluating equipment that has been involved in a fire, it is important to fully understand what contaminants have affected the equipment and to what extent. AREPA is able to conduct these critical analyses in our laboratory with a HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) unit.

Based on surface tests of the equipment along with chemical evaluations returned by our HPLC unit, are are able to measure the levels of corrosion and help clients take the necessary measures for preservation, stabilization, and ultimately reinstatement of the equipment.

What We Do

AREPA is one of the world’s leading companies in damage assessment and equipment restoration. We have undertaken projects in more than 60 countries worldwide, and our representatives are always on 24-hour standby to reduce time lost and ensure business continuity.

In short, AREPA employs some of the world’s most recognized industry-specialists to restore technical equipment exposed to fire and corrosion, flooding, extreme weather, salt and mold, oil leakage, physical impact and even dust or soot. We offer a few key solutions:


Where We Operate

AREPA’s brand footprint started in Silkeborg, Denmark nearly 40 years ago, with operations in the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Acquired by Envista Forensics in 2017, a global leader in forensic consulting, AREPA’s European operations were combined with Envista’s well-known equipment restoration line, TekPro Global, in North America. Collectively, AREPA has one of the largest, and most experienced teams of restoration specialists in the industry.

"It has been a great experience and pleasure working with the AREPA team. The activities performed by AREPA assisted the Honda Engine Plant in resuming a normal production environment quickly and to plan. I would recommend them to any Company that requires some form of recovery assistance."
Andrew Silver, Engine Plant Manager, Honda

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